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اعتراض به گوگل
نویسنده : mohammadreza fahmizee - ساعت ۸:٠٦ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸٧/۱/٢٤

متن زیر را درخصوص تغییر نام خلیج فارس به خلیج عربی در سایت گوگل در وبلاگwrite timeبه نشانی: دیدم.با ارسال این متن به نشانی ای_میل ذکر شده در این حرکت ملی  برای زنده نگهداشتن نام میهن عزیزمان شرکت کنیم.

ًًٌٍَُ"متن نامه ی اعتراض زیر را برای گوگل به این میل ارسال کنید.گوگل در ورژن جدید برنامه یgoogle earth نام خلیج فارس را خلیج عربی گذاشته است.با ارسال نامه زیر به گوگل اعتراض خودتون را نشون بدین."

  Dear Google
This is in regards to the recent Google Earth Version where the incorrect and erroneous term arabian gulf, was used to identify the Persian Gulf.

Please be advised that the internationally, historically and geographically correct name for the body of water situated south of Iran between Iran and Saudi Arabia is the Persian Gulf.
The only body of water that can reasonably be called the "Arabian Gulf" is the "Red Sea".
Persian Gulf has no other internationally recognized name.
The historically and geographically correct name of Persian Gulf has been endorsed by the United Nations on many occasions. The last UN Directive endorsing the name of the Persian Gulf was Directive reference ST/CS/SER.A/29/Add.2 on August 18th 1994. 

There is no room for politics in the world of geography, nor should Google pander to any special
group. I hope that you will take the necessary steps to correct the prejudiced and false name in the Google Earth Version.

I must now urge you to correct the mistake on Google Earth Version site as a matter of urgency. I shall wait your affirmative response.

                                                                               kind regards